Friday, August 7, 2009

Qlikview, setting up VPN for Iphone using PPTP

In order to start using Qlikview for your mobile device you will need some method of allowing your users Access. One method, if you have a windows 2003 server is to turn on the routing services for the server. Next, setup your access rules (Create a VPN_ACCESS group) allow dial in on their AD profile and then add them to the VPN_ACCESS group. This post explains this in more detail.

If your server is not on the outside/DMZ then you will have to setup port forwarding.

Let your ISP know that you are setting up a PPTP VPN (point to point tunneling protocol) And have them forward port 1723 to your routing services server. Also have them enable the GRE IP protocol (Protocol 47)

Now setup the VPN on your Iphone. This video lays out the steps well

Qlikview Mobile BI

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